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Prom is one of the most memorable and exciting nights for any teenager in high school. You want everything from the promposal to the moment you pull up to the venue to be perfect. Since there are many things to prepare leading up to this special night, everything has to be planned accordingly. As the prom approaches, your anticipation grows larger. You need to find a dress, make plans for after, and set up a way to get to and from the venue. Follow these tips and your night will turn out as perfect as you planned.

  • What to wear: Finding the perfect dress or suit for your special night can seem intimidating as there are so many different styles, designs, and colors to choose from. To start, it is important to have an idea of the type of gown or suit you want before heading to a store or boutique. You can prepare by looking up ideas online. Go through the Golden Asp website and take note of colors and styles you think you’ll slay it. This will make the search process in stores much easier because you’ll know exactly what you want. Give yourself plenty of time before the actual prom to do this since you may not find the winner on your first try.
  • The after party: Throwing a prom after party is a tradition that has been around for decades. Many even think it’s more fun than the actual prom. Planning a party can be stressful when there are high expectations. To make sure you surpass these expectations, make a list of everything that needs to be done ahead of time. This list should include the names of those you want to attend, what types of food and snacks everyone will eat, music that everyone will enjoy, and of course fun things for everyone to do!
  • Getting to and from: Now that you have the perfect dress or tux and fun plans for after, you need to figure out how you're getting there and home. Nobody wants to drive themselves to their own prom especially while dressing to the nines in beautiful gowns and tuxedos. You look stylish, so why not pull up to the venue in something that reciprocates how you look and feel. Travel Party says pulling up to prom in a stretch limousine will definitely be a head turner. It’s a safe and fun way to arrive with all of your friends.

Planning for prom should be exciting! Do not let all of these tasks overwhelm you. Following these tips is an assurance that your night will go just as planned. You don’t have to plan the night alone - grab a few of your friends to help you out. The more ideas, the better!

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